Vanessa DL - Yoga Teacher & Mystic Maven

Hi everyone! :) We had the honor to exchange a few words with our corporate yoga teacher (who comes and helps us relax once a week, bless her), Vanessa, who talks to us about the evolution of her relationship with the practice and its importance in her life as a woman. Enjoy! 

xoxo Sokoteam

"My interest for yoga began during my 1st year at University - I was very unfit and I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin. I was looking to lose some weight and saw yoga as a form of exercise. Along with being unfit, I was experiencing anxiety (which I had been experiencing for years now) that was out of control and stopped me from living a healthy lifestyle. That's when my doctor advised me to try mindfulness meditation and that I started to practice yoga more seriously. 


It wasn't love at first sight for yoga and I. It took me multiple months and countless teachers and studios to realize that yoga was my calling. I felt a huge shift inside of me that had completely changed the vision I had of life. I felt connected and aligned, and, for the first time, I was at peace with myself. Starting from this moment I knew that I couldn't do anything else than share this tool with others.


" I felt connected and aligned, and, for the first time, I was at peace with myself."


 Photo: Cynthia Caraz

In my every day life, the practice helps me in numerous ways. First of all, it helps me to be present in my body without worrying about the aesthetics or of the grace of my movements. After having danced for multiple years, I can finally allow myself to move around just for the joy I get from inhabiting my body. Spiritually, it helps me to be connected to what is sacred and divine within me. It's a little hard to explain, but it's a feeling that has brought me a lot of love, compassion and respect for myself. And this is priceless.  

 Second of all, in a more practical way, the practice helps me overcome the challenges which are linked to my feminine cycle and all of the ups and downs that come with it. We can easily use the practice to calm cramps, mood swings, back pains and all the great symptoms (lol) that come with our period. 


"Spirituellement, cela me permet de rentrer en connection avec ce qu'il y a de divin en moi."


 Photo: Cynthia Caraz

My personal practice is very linked to the empowerment of the Sacred Feminine so it is directly reflected in the way I teach. In my spiritual practice, I follow the lunar cycle very closely (which is traditionally linked to the Sacred Feminine) which is a topic that awakens interest and emotions for women. Without really knowing why, many of us are attracted these ancestral beliefs which link us to the rhythms of nature (like the seasons or the stars). When you begin to understand that our bodies follow similar cycles, that's when everything starts to make sense. It is through these beliefs that I hope to help women better understand their bodies and to be at peace with them. 


"Keep an open mind and do not have expectations" 


They are a few things to keep in mind before starting practicing yoga. First, keep an open mind and do not have expectations. Find a place and professors which make the practice both fun and challenging. Be patient, yoga isn't an antidote which will heal all your problems straight away. Give it a few months, multiple times a week to try it - benefits comes with a disciplined practice. But most of all, see the practice as a sacred moment moment where you can finally come out of your head to inhabit your body!"


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