Exclusivity - Details behind our Summer'17 Campaign!

 As you will see, we truly stepped up our game for the launch of our Summer 2017 collection. We’re headed to New Mexico, for a photo shoot that is out of this world. For this collection, we wanted to color outside the lines to offer you completely new and artistic content.



We had already been thinking about incorporating a mirror as a central element of the shoot. Adding the mirror gives a very geometric and structured feel to the overall outcome. Achieving such a result was the underlying goal of this new collection. We wanted to be different. We wanted to drift away (as much as we adore them) from the girls we usually portray: delicate and a little more introverted. A more edgy and unrestrained look was what we were going for. A woman of character, a woman who is at ease with her feminity and who is independent.


The collection:

After having gone to pretty pastels and caramel colors for the spring, we are back with your must-haves. As of May 19th, we are giving you black, taupe, plums, but we also wanted to spoil you with a nice coral color. The collection is all about transparency and comfort. Simple, clean and practical pieces is what you will see.


About the model:

Pale skin, almost translucent, hair between white and grey, bleached out eyebrows, unique traits. We wanted to play with the contrast of this white desert with a woman who would surprise you: Emilee Miller. And she took her mandate very seriously. This photo shoot is a real treat.


Make up & Photography:

Make up is another important element when talking photo shoot. It is a crucial step! Léa Bégin is a true magician who was able to fully create the attitude and atmosphere we wanted to portray for the shoot.

 A photography goddess, a colleague we want to keep FOREVER: Cynthia Caraz. She is the artist behind many of the shootings you loved. Remember our Valentine’s day 2016 photo shoot in the heat of San Antonio? Cynthia is also the author of the Fall 2017 photo shoot, in the black sands of Bali. She also creates most of the short films we have for each collection. 



16 November 2016 - Day of the shoot:

We woke up super excited (and early…) in Austin, Texas. We wanted to be the closest possible to our final destination: White Sands dunes. A little gem located 8 hours away. The wait was worthwhile, as we had a glorious sunny day ahead of us.


Let’s get real:

To be honest, we had a reaaaally hard time with our itinerary. Ready for a good laugh, girls? Listen up. Let’s put things into context: on November 15th, in Austin, we had first forecasted a 6 hour ride to get to New Mexico. We arrived safe and sound after 8 hours on the road (talk about change…). Aside from this setback, the day runs smoothly and all goes according to plan. We are so excited about the shots we are able to create. At 3pm and after a few hours of shooting, it’s a wrap! We pack up and we are ready to head back to Austin. The ride back seems never-ending… 9 hours later, and we still haven’t made it back home (to Austin)! All in all, the trip back took us a good 10 hour ride back… 10 hours!!! On top of that, we were all sunburnt after having spent those long hours under a scorching sun… You can say that photo shooting isn’t always glamorous ;)



PSSST… the summer collection short film goes live on May 17th! Stay tuned ;)