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The pride Sokoloff Lingerie feels towards Montreal is inexplicable. Over the past four years, we met so many inspiring artists and entrepreneurs that it quickly became part of our mission to share with you the talents that come from our very own city. These countless and memorable meetings are what formed the Sokoloff identity that is so dear to us. We strongly believe that the passion and constant share of ideas between artists is what allows the Montreal art scene to flourish and gain worldwide fame.  

On this note, we proudly present to you our new collaboration with Andy, travel guru and adventurer from Giandy on the Road!

Name : Andy Dubois
Age : 26 ans
Origins : Canadian

What is the Giandy on the Road Project?
Giandy on the Road, is first of all a couple project. My boyfriend and I are rebuilding an old Airstream 1985, and are planning to discover America. On the road, we hope to reconnect with nature and we look forward to meet all kind of spirits : artists, entrepreneurs, shamans, musicians, or whoever has a passion that puts sparkles in their eyes. Our plan is to share our kitchen with them, to trade a culinar experience for a local recommendation, in order to learn from them the crucial adresses of their hometown. After each of these meetings, we will build an itinerary for each of the states we visited, with aquarel illustrations and pictures that we collected among the way. In fact, Giandy on the Road will share unique experiences, enriching discoveries, and inspiring people.

What sentence would best describe your project?
At the core of Giandy on the Road, there is a desire to dedicate the next year to mindful living.

What is the best spot for you to imagine and plan your next trip?
My bed, any light room, the Lili & Oli Coffee Shop or the September Café.

Tell me three sources of inspirations, no matter what kind they are.
Right now, Iran is a great inspiration for me! Then, there would be the aussie compagny called Spells Design and some Instagram accounts such as @shabberr & @travelswithnina.

What is your proudest realisation?
Having preserved my independence and my passion for traveling, no matter the circumstances.

Where do you see yourself, in 10 years from now?
Near the ocean, hunting sirens with my four kids.

What would be your absolute goal in life?
To build a family while living from my creative projects !  

What is for you an accomplished entrepreneur?
Someone who lives from his passion, and that has the capability to lead and manage their buisness.

What is your opinion about Montreal’s artistic scene and all the entrepreneur that work with it?
Montreal is full of talents ! Young buisness people are so creatives and have a lot of potentiel. In the past years, I’ve seen multiple collaboration and I really feel a strength, a solidarity between companies… Because we all know it, it is not always easy to make a living from entrepreneuship!

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