Maybe you've seen this pass, our autumn 2017 collection was shot in Jaipur India. Since we launched our collection, we interviewed Andy Dubois also known as Giandy on the Road, who suggested us to do our shoot in India while she was on her trip there.  Full of ideas, she directed our shoot and we had so many questions to ask her and her outgoing spirit! 

INSTAGRAM : @giandyontheroad

Sokoloff: Where did you shoot the autumn 2017 campaign? 

Andy: We took all the pictures in Jaipur, India, in an Airbnb that I found. It was really pretty and really inspiring. The town of Jaipur inspired a cute little quote for our Autumn 2017 collection « With love, from Jaipur» like a little phrase that could be written on a postcard. 

S: Why did you choose India as the perfect country for the shoot? 

A: I was already going to India for a personal trip so I offered to do the shooting while I was there. I presented a mood board to Sofia and explained her my vision of the shoot. The photograph was already leaving on this trip with me so it was the perfect match and Sofia really liked the idea. 

S: What inspired you for your shoot in Jaipur? 

A: For sure, I was inspired by the lingerie, but the town, the Airbnb, the colors, the textures, the jewelry, the atmosphere and the environment were all really inspiring for the styling but also for the photographer. Everything together made it esthetic and coherent. 

S: How did the culture have an impact on your shoot?

A: First of all, it is really hard to shoot lingerie in India, because it is important for a woman to be covered. So we thought that an Airbnb would be perfect to do an intimate shooting without being disrespectful to any local. 

S: Do you have any anecdote to tell us? 

A: We were actively looking for a model here in Montreal that could come with us in India for the shoot but we couldn't find one. So we left without any model in the hope of finding one there. After many research and a lot of luck, we finally found a Russian model to do our shoot.  The only problem was that she doesn't speak anything but Russian... So I had to mime the whole shoot! 

S: Were there any traditions, customs, etc. to respect? 

A: It was really important to respect the locals. A lot of Indian families are really traditional and could have been offended by our model in lingerie. On the other hand, the modern families weren't offended by what we were doing and that's why we were able to shoot in our Airbnb. We just had to adapt! 

S: What did you like the most in India? 

A: I loved the contrast between the beauty and the chaos. At times, it is so dirty and rough that you wonder why you're there, but then you face extraordinary places that make you realize so many things. It is so different from here that you really need to deconstruct everything you know, who you are and how you see things to see better and reconstruct it all. In India, even though it can be tough, love is everywhere and it is magnificent!

S: Anything to add... 

A: We had to adapt often but it was so much fun!



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