With fall coming shortly, it’s not time to lose faith. We can’t fall back in the boring day to day life so easily. Why should we deprive ourselves from what we really want? Humans were created to be happy as often as possible. We don’t have to respect any type of standard established by the society to make people like us.  We don’t have to change ourselves to respect the mold created by the society. Clothes are a way to express what we want to say and stand out.

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There is no âge to limit what you can wear if you want to wear it. Buying and wearing lingerie is a simple life pleasure. If this is what makes you happy, you can wear what you want, for you and only yourself. Lingerie can make you feel sexy, young and feminine. If it is what you wish for, then don’t let anyone stop you!  

Lonely Lingerie - Model: Mercy Brewer, Photograph: Harry Were 

There is no gender that can limitate what you can wear if you want to wear it. Our society often establishes a mold in which people feel the need to fit, but slowly it tries to open itself to new trends and movements.  Despite all opinions, men as much as women can wear lingerie if this is what they want and no one can even say anything.

 Crédit photo: Bruno Guérin

There is no weight that can limitate what you can wear if you want to wear it. If you wish to feel pretty and sexy, it’s your choice! Buy lingerie, put it on, look at yourself in the mirror and see how gorgeous you are!

 “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” - Roald Dahl 

Dare, be creative and have fun, this is the only solution. Be confident, because you are all beautiful whatever anyone can say.  It’s time to get intimate.

Drink to that! 

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