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BASICS COLLECTION PHOTOSHOOT - Interview with french photographer Laurie Basset

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As you probably have seen on our social media, our Basics collection is officially available! Yay! This time, we went for a really minimal & color block shoot, with just a couple of summer fruits as accessories. French photographer Laurie Basset has done an AMAZING job at making our photoshoot inspirations come to life. She shares with us a few insights on her professional career & aspirations as a young freelancer. 

-Briefly tell us about yourself?
"My name is Laurie, I am from the north of France and I have been a photographer for a year now!"

-On your website, we see a lot of photos of women for fashion photoshoots or portraits. Women seem to always be the focus of your work. What are your inspirations?
"That's funny because I'm actually shooting a guy next week!

It's true that so far my eye has been captivated by the female anatomy. I don't shoot as many guys because I feel that there are less styling and make up options, less space for creativity. I think it will come later, it's a matter of maturity and experience within the industry."



-Regarding your references, who are the photographers (or artists) who inspire you? Why?
"I love Benjamin Vnuk, his work is really sensitive. His photographs are full of voluptuousness and poetry. It feels like there is absolutely no crew behind his photographs, they really do tell a story. I also adore Diane Arbus, her series on Identical Twins is incredible. She makes her audience feel really uncomfortable regarding the topic of identity."


-Can you tell us about your professional journey so far? How did you begin your career as a photographer?
"I first started my career as a stylist. MY wonderful friend Amélie Chiasson would bring me to her photoshoots and would let me style as I pleased. When I came back to my little french town, I was a little lost (photography isn't a common job over there), so i decided to try being behind the camera. I was gifted a beautiful camera and started practicing photography as I was travelling. I really enjoyed it and started teaching myself a few techniques. Shortly after, I assisted a few photographers in Paris, where I learnt to practice in studios. Now I work in both styling & photography, it's really fun being able to switch between both or do both at the same time!"



-We know that you are self-employed, what are your aspirations as a young female entrepreneur?
"Travel as much as possible and shoot in the most beautiful locations. Being able to have an agent. Balancing having a family and a career! That's about it!"


 -What advice would you give other young women working in your industry?
"Don't get discouraged by competition. Don't give up and keep challenging yourself. Perpetually reinvent yourself and be bold!"


-One last question. We know that you often come to Montreal. What appeals to you in our beautiful city?
"For poutine and Portuguese chicken, of course!!! On a more serious note, I actually spent 2 years and a half in Montreal. The energy I find in this city is crucial for me. Creativity is prosperous, whenever I come back for the summer, I always discover new cool brands. Montrealers don't take themselves too seriously and are super friendly. Let's say that I go back home with fully charged batteries!"


Laurie's website // instagram

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