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SUMMER'17 E-COM PHOTOSHOOT Part 1 - Camille "CamiBaby" Internoscia

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Hello there, ladies! 

During our summer E-commerce photoshoot, we had the pleasure to get to know Camille, this little gem of a lady who wasn't afraid to strip down for the camera, to our great pleasure ;). Camille told us that she's usually on the other side of the camera, and that it was her first time modeling for a brand. She agreed to shoot our pieces to prove to the world that, anyone CAN do it (yes, yes, yes!). What struck us most about Camille was her sense of humour, and how she didn't take herself too seriously. (she was wearing Ugg slippers while shooting... how adorable!!). You go girl! 



Where are you from?

Montreal, with a touch of Italy.

When you aren't on set, what do you usually do?
I am a free-lance stylist. 

 Describe yourself in 3 words.
Bubbly, passionate & ... does lip-sync Queen work ? haha.

instagram: camibabyinter


What is your relationship with Sokoloff Lingerie? 
I have already worked with their pieces for styling purposes, but this is my first time shooting for the brand. 

What is your go to lingerie set?
Something that is lacy and comfortable. I will usually go for nude color tones, but I alway try to add a touch of color. As for a Sokoloff piece, I have a crush on the Lucette set. 

Your go to day outfit?
Adidas shoes & a crop top. 

A perfect day would be...?
A morning workout, lunch with my girls, "Henri time" (my nephew) and Netflix & Chill (for real!)

Your first impression of the collection?
Extra sexy!

What are your passions?
Fashion, pyramids (all kinds of pyramids, I will obsesses over), astrology, the Montreal Canadiens, notebooks & pens (you could say I have a slight obsession with Staples...)

Your guilty pleasure? 
Baby corns & Eric Lapointe.

What is the best advice you have ever been given? 
"Take is easy. What happens is just meant to be."

Your favorite spot for a girls' night?
Kampaï Garden

Tips to feel good in your own skin?
Just suck it up. You need to give yourself tough love. 

3 things on your bucket list?
Go inside a pyramid, work abroad & grow out my hair. 

Favorite song of the moment?
Teenage Fever - Drake 

 A message you want to give our readers? 
"Don't compare yourself to others. You're a bad bitch."








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