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BASICS COLLECTION PHOTOSHOOT - Interview with model Gabrielle Cosentino

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Hello there! For this article, we asked a few questions to Gabrielle Cosentino, the model we had the privilege to have for our basics 2017 collection photoshoot. Gabrielle gives us a glimpse into her life as a model. Enjoy! :) 

Where are you from?
"I am from Montreal."

What do you do for a living?
"I studied graphic design and I was working in a store (Editorial boutique), but for now I am focusing on modeling."

How did you start your modeling career?
"I was scouted through Facebook a few years ago and I then joined a modeling agency."

What type of shoot do you enjoy the most?
"Hmm.. honestly i like them all! But it's always fun when the shoot is very creative because we get transformed into a completely different person."

What is your routine for a day of castings?
"For castings, it's a very simple routine. Get a lot of sleep the day before. Drink a lot of water to have a super clear skin (put on a face mask or eye mask either the night before of the morning of). I create a very natural make up look and also wear an outfit that compliments my silhouette."


What do you like most about being a model?
"Being lucky enough to travel and to work with talented and creative individuals."

What do you like least about being a model?
Maybe the fact that everything is so last minute because I love to plan ahead and I'm quite organized. But i've grown to love everything about this job and I've become someone a lot more spontaneous."

What do you find is unique in Montreal?
"The people who live them, this city promises great creativity."

Do you have advice to feel good in your own skin?
"Do what you love. Before modeling, I was really uncomfortable with myself and I wasn't confident. But turns out i'm most comfortable with myself and with my body when i'm in front oft he camera, I love being a model!"

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