4 reasons to get yourself new lingerie (even if you are single)

You are probably thinking at this very moment; “but I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model”, “why should I care about wearing nice underwear if no one even sees it”, “sexy lingerie is too uncomfortable” or even “I’m single so I only bother wearing sexy lingerie on occasions”.

Buying new lingerie doesn't need to have the #1 purpose of impressing and turning on men. It’s about feeling your best, and treating yourself with a little self esteem boost.

There is a real connection between what you wear and how it makes you feel. So if you only treat yourself on occasions, you will feel like you are worth it only once in a while, when you are in fact worth it every damn day.



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 Here are 4 reasons why we think you deserve to get yourself new quality lingerie more often.

  1. What you wear affects your confidence and self-esteem. 

This fact has been scientifically proven. Whether it is from the outside, of from the inside, with your intimates, wearing beautiful and comfortable clothing will instantly give you a boost of confidence. Getting beautiful lingerie is invigorating, and is a love letter to ourselves. 


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  1. A proper sized bra or bralette makes the rest of your clothing fit better.

 Never sure what your size is? (guilty…) It’s time to go get those beautiful boobs of yours sized. It’s important that you are self-aware and know what size you fall under. The right bra size will give your clothing a much better fit and will make you look more put together with minimal effort. And guess what ? no matter what the message the industry have been sending us in the past few decades, you are invited to walk away from your extra padded bras and celebrate your natural shape, with delicate lace and soft cup bra. Choosing your outfit with the right underwear, for a perfect comfortable match is a little satisfaction we all deserve.


  1. That “feminine power” is really about owning your “personal power”

 There is no doubt that pretty underthings make you feel more feminine, but is also and foremost, makes you feel more powerful. You might be the only one to know that, today, your bra matches your panties. This is a secret that you only know and that you can chose to reveal… or not! But if it is one of the reasons you are leaving the house feeling fantastic & ready to take on your busy day, it is totally worth it.  


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  1. Because quality lingerie is often created by independent brands, run BY women, FOR women.

 And, we couldn’t be more supportive of this idea.


              credit: crushculdesac.tumblr.com