Sokoloff x SPEKTROM / Loungewear collection

Sokoloff Lingerie has joined forces this time with a Montreal designer, Francis Mayer @Spektrom_ to offer you a unique loungewear collection.

A collaboration offering exclusive high quality designs handcrafted with organic materials and non-toxic dyes. Bringing tie dye to another level.



Francis is known for mixing high standard, technical, ecological, functional and minimalistic designs. He began is career back in 2012 in the men’s tailoring industry and went on a personal journey to discover the impact that colors have in our life.

Spektrom was born 6 years later, in 2018, while he was having a conversation at a restaurant with a friend and the sun hit the glasses in front of their table to reflect the rainbow of colors. Since then, the mission of Spektrom is to unify people using colors and organic materials.