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Sokoloff Lingerie and her artists

Sokoloff Lingerie and her artists

FINDING OUR WINGS — SOKOLOFF FALL 2019 CAMPAIGN //⠀ In the past years, I have had the opportunity to meet inspiring women through Sokoloff Lingerie.

These women have made me grow on so many levels, both personally and professionally.
Together we used our voice, our art and our inner fire to reclaim a revolution: a new standard of beauty!
As much as I created Sokoloff Lingerie, they did as well.

Our last campaign was inspired by this very same idea:
How can we shake the world, how can we inspire each other to create something bigger than ourselves?
The answer was found in collaboration with Montreal artist, Liana Carbone, along with a group of 13 women.
The photoshoot itself became so much more than a "campaign". It became an empowering experience, an immersive journey that deeply touched everyone present.
The rules of conventional beauties were broken!
As a founder, I can tell you that developing a brand has it's highs and lows.
In the quest of building Sokoloff Lingerie, I quickly dove into a never-ending journey of learning and growth.
My ambitions and goals drove me forward, but this ceaseless pace also ended up draining me. This lifestyle was not sustainable!
I had to deconstruct myself. I had to dig deeper.
The answer has always lain in the strong connections I shared with my muses, my artists, my friends, my women !
Connecting together, as a whole, under the roof of Sokoloff Lingerie.
This is my passion, my legacy !
To give a voice to art and lingerie, to empower our community !

My work wouldn't mean anything without interconnections.
These bonds mean everything to me. As I continue to create, draw and cultivate new collections I want these relationships to grow alongside.
Sales are not enough. My prosperity is made out of each one of you.
So thank you, thank you, thank you.
Every day, you make me, and Sokoloff Lingerie, more powerful and more meaningful ! - @sofiasokoloff
Directed and captured by @lianacarbonephoto
With movement coaching by @jademayagabriele
Production assisted by @apizzanelli @lolovigneault @anthonyliscio @jademayagabriele 
Prod studio @havencreative.mvmt



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